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I got honey! Now what???

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I got honey! Now what???

So, I have a super full of honey, and I have no idea what to do with it.

I hadn't expected to have any surplus honey (first year package). However, the girls have produced like gangbusters, and, in addition to filled 2 deeps, have also nearly filled a medium super. Because I really didn't think I'd have excess honey, I haven't made any provisions.

I took a capped frame out, just to slip in a new frame, and I have it sealed in a baggie, but I don't know my next step.

Should I freeze it for 48 hours? Do I uncap, crush and strain immediately? What temp should it be kept at?

I spent all my effort researching bee husbandry, but I have no clue what comes next…I thought I'd have a year to plan before I got honey.

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