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I found mites. What now??

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I found mites. What now??

I have been keeping for 2 years. Last year I treated with oa vapor in the fall for five weeks. I believe they starved over winter despite adequate stores in the super i left on. Many found with their butts out. New packages this year. One hive has been lagging behind the other and despite mite washing occasionally I hadn’t really seen a lot of mites in either hive. In my last inspection I had a piece of drone comb that was wonky so I removed the whole thing. I pulled out the drones and found a ton of mites. 45 in 30 cells. I had to leave town for 2 weeks so I didn’t treat before I left. I’m planning to treat weekly when I get back for 5 weeks again.

Is it mandatory to take honey supers off for every treatment? Could I just treat weekly for the rest of the summer to get them under control?

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