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I feel like I’m never gonna get stung

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I feel like I’m never gonna get stung

I've had bees since May 1st and in all that time the only stings I've received were on my leather gloves (not even close to reaching my skin) when I inspected on windy/cloudy days.

But besides that they've been very gentle and I can stand right next to the hives and watch them go about their business unharmed. I've had a few cranky bees fly at me to chase me off but that's extremely rare and they stop chasing me as soon as I'm 10 feet away from the hives.

If I ever do get stung I'll admit I was wrong and post a picture of the sting, but I feel like if it happens it won't be for a couple years and even then it would probably happen when I'm adding sugar water to their feeder or just observing them, which I don't wear a suit for. But in my suit I'm basically invincible so I feel like it just can't happen during an inspection.

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