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I am facing chalk brood problem.

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I am facing chalk brood problem.

This is my first time beekeeping and I got a colony in a hive from one small company , the condition of the hive box was not good since the bottom board and brood box was attached to each other and there wasn’t any way for me to check the mite count with any sheet , moving on today while doing the inspection the 3rd time(I do it every 3 days and feed them accordingly) I notice the presence of chalk brood in the 7-10th frame with the strength of average 30% on each frame (almost both sides) , although the colony which he gave me is very strong and there are a lot of brood and eggs in it but I fear that this chalk brood problem can grow further and destroy my colony , even the worker bees are not interested in cleaning the hive as per now. This is actually an off-season here at my place and the bees are not much active currently. I am thinking about taking out the frames and removing chalk brood manually.

I am actually planning to setup an apiary early March 2022 so till that time I have to keep these bees in the same box with me and wait for the new boxes in numbers to get made next year. So moving them to a new hive is not an option as per now but I am willing to know your suggestion on it if I have to do it one day. ( from many other problems that the box has one of it is that some the frames are actually bend and it makes an uneven space between the frames and with propolis it becomes very difficult to rearrange it every time after inspection).

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