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Hurricane Ida

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Hurricane Ida

We survived Ida! I have a beeyard (7 hives) that was right in the path of Ida, some distance from where I live. To prepare, we strapped the hives together and also strapped them to their stands. We put extra weight on the tops. Fortunately, we were able to go check up on the hives the next day. 2 hives were blown over, but still mostly together and unbroken with the exception of the lids. As expected, they were uncharacteristically and understandably aggressive, so we just stood them back up. Another hive was still standing, but the lid had blown off during the storm. The rest were still standing with no damage. I figured we would let the bees get their hives together for a few weeks before we go into them to check. My questions are: Provided the queen is safe, should they be ok? What damage, if any, would the rain do to the honey and/or brood? I am concerned about the hive that lost its top but was still standing. I don't know how long into the storm this happened, and how much rain got into the hive. Thank you for any advice.

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