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How to prevent swarming?

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How to prevent swarming?

Two years ago I got 2 colonies and last year I splitted them and ended up with 5. During this sprint I merged two of them ending up with 4 colonies. We had a very warm spring and there was a quiet good honey production and I kept adding supers to make room for honey as well as to prevent swarming. Every week I am inspecting the hive and today I found queen cells in 3 hives. I destroyed all of them hopping that I haven't missed any of them and they won't swarm:).

My bet would be that I would see more queen cells in the coming days. How can I prevent the swarming? I was not planning to increase the hive number, I am happy with four only. My only idea is: 1. Create 4 nukes with the old queens(they are from last summer) 2. Let the new queens to emerge in the olde hives 3. See if the new queen mates, returns and lays well 4. Merge back the nukes to the old hive with the new queen where it lays well, otherwise keep the old queen.

Is this a good plane? How this would effect the honey production (it won't be an issue I just curious)? What other options do I have?

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