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How to keep bees away?

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How to keep bees away?

Hello, if this is not an appropriate subreddit to post on this topic I apologize in advance. I am doing an architecture project on landscaping a yard at a weekend house. A neighbour keeps his bees close by and they are sometimes known to come by my client's yard. This spring they were angry (as the neighbour described) and they kept attacking people sitting outside of the house for no reason. My client wants a garden with a running fountain and a pond. The side of the yard that I am working on is next to the hives (around 10-20 meters). I do now know much about bee behavior so that's why I am here. Now I see this as potentially a very big problem, since garden and water might, by my knowledge, make the problem with bees even greater? My question is, what is the best I can do to prevent bees from potentially coming over to my client's yard. Is there much I can do? My best guess is to avoid a certain type of gardens as well as maybe growing some special herbs? And most importantly is it possible to wall them off with certain types of trees or bushes? Thank you for your time and replies in advance!

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