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How to Attract Bees without Being a Bee Keeper?

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How to Attract Bees without Being a Bee Keeper?

I have a large wide open back yard. There is only one tree but the tree is too close to my neighbors to be able to add something to the tree for the bees. In my wide open backyard, I plan to plant alsike clover in the spring for the bees to enjoy. Is there anything I can add to the area to encourage the bees? Such as adding some sort of small structure for them to create a hive? If they create a hive, great! If they don’t, it’s not a big deal. I’m not looking to be a bee keeper so I’m looking for something minimal to put near my clover that may help the bees. I don’t want to retrieve honey or anything like that. I just want to use my large unused field of a yard to help the bees.

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