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How should I start off?

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How should I start off?

Hi! I want to become a full time beekeeper- and I know it will take tons of work, energy and time. How should I start off? I have watched BeeKeeping Made simple/ BeehappyHawaii's videos (haven't finished all of them). I'm wondering if there is some apprenticeship or as such I could go through? (I'm in the UK and have found none so far).

Well, this is sounding complicated- how should I start off? Should I start off with a full time job, then start part time beekeeping and then full time? Is there any particular country where it works well but doesn't cost much? And most importantly- do I need a garden? BeeHappyHawaii's video told me that I could start on hotel tops, how does that work? Would I need to go there every so often?

Apologies for this HEAVY subreddit, I haven't finished school yet, so I haven't any experience! Thanks a bunch in advance!!! :333

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