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How much work is beekeeping really?

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How much work is beekeeping really?

Ive been doing a lot of reading and am considering starting beekeeping. Im finding conflicting idiology and opinions so I wanted some opinions from real life bee keepers. For reference, Im in WI and live in the country.

1) How much work is this actually? Daily/Weekly/Monthly, What kind of hours am I looking at putting in?

2) Im ready a lot of insects, mice, swarms, diseases and all sorts of other threat to the hives. Its very off putting. While these are real threats, how often is it something you really run into? Am i always going to be fighting something off?

3) flow hives – do people dislike them because they are actually sub-par or are people just purists and this is cheating?

4) how much do you actually get stung?

Edit: thank you everyone for the responses.

Ive got chickens (layers) and these seem like less physical work than them. It also sounds like the mites are an absolute certainty. As far as the flow hive: its "pretty" and it sounds like harvesting easier but if i go with this, i would absolutely plan to care for my hive appropriatly. I understand its not a "place and forget" solution. It sounds like people get stun significantly less than i expected, which is good. I ask because i have a mild allergy. I have to do some medical testing prior to jumping in.

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