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How much can I put in one sugar water container?

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How much can I put in one sugar water container?

Hi friends!

Relatively new (second year) beekeeper here. I'm going to start feeding my girls some 1:1 sugar water soon. I've traditionally done this is by putting it in a mason jar, poking holes, and putting it on the top of the hive (holes pointing done, through the top cover). Pretty standard, as far as I can tell. They go through this in about a half a week when they are hungry.

However, I'm wondering if I could increase my capacity? I'm a bit of a (bad and lapsed) engineer, so I've been thinking about feeding system that could hold a couple of gallons, and still deliver in the same way, that way I only need to refill it maybe once every two weeks.

Dumb idea? Sugar water will go bad and poison everyone? I'm bad for even thinking about it?

Thanks all!

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