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How many hives?

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How many hives?

You all have been very helpful on my last few questions, so here is another one. I know you should really start with two hives so you can notice changes, share brood, and get a more well rounded feel for beekeeping. I have no issue with this, in fact I like the idea of two hives. However my half acre lot can really only support two hives, I also know swarming is inevitable in the journey of beekeeping which if I allow to happen could cause issues with my neighbors.

So, I will be in this house for another two to three years which means if I start with two hives I lose the ability to split if they begin swarming. Does this mean my only option will be a false swarm and axing the queen annually? Or would I be better starting with one which would allow me to split the hive next year (assuming I dont get the girls killed)? Im not too keen on dealing with selling the bees and it seems dethroning the queen is the only other option.

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