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How many bees will make it thru the winter?

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How many bees will make it thru the winter?

As the title speaks for itself… Every other day I find more and more dead bees on my hive's entry point/shelf. I lift the quilt and candy board box to check on them, just a crack and I see them nestled in their cluster, but the winter has only just begun here on the east coast. God willing I hope they make it to spring. I've prepared the hive to the best of my knowledge and what I've learned so far in my first year of beekeeping, but the winter scares me.

Sorta just thinking out loud here, but also curious to see (not that anyone counts their bees, but how much smaller will the colony will be in March 2022 when I pop off the lid and pick where I left off?

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

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