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How long does bee sting pain last?

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How long does bee sting pain last?

[WI] I'm not a beekeeper but was in the woods felt a sudden sharp stinging pain on my leg just below the knee. I wiped at it as an initial reaction and could see that it was some sort of bug but not enough to identify it. It felt like a bee sting but I've only been stung a couple times so cannot say for sure.

I couldn't find a stinger so cleaned it and put some ointment on it. I read that the pain should subside in a couple hours and will then just be swollen and itchy. Right now it's been over 4 hours and I still feel a constant burning pain with waves of sharp pain that get quite severe at times (not as bad as the first few minutes of being stung but close).

I don't feel any itchiness and all I can see is a little red dot with slight redness around it and not much swelling. If it wasn't for the pain I probably wouldn't even notice anything was there.

I'm just wondering if this is pretty normal or if it's possible it could be something else, especially anything that may be more dangerous than a bee sting? Thanks

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