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How likely are bees to pick up poison pellets?

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How likely are bees to pick up poison pellets?

I noticed ants inside and around the hives. Not to any great extent, but they were there. Thus, I coated the bottoms of the hive legs in petroleum jelly. Seems to have been effective. But the ants have gotten incredibly aggressive. Like to the point where my feet are currently covered in welts from less than a minute of walking on the mat I set the bee hives on.

I was planning on shoving some ant poison pellets under the mat but, as mentioned, it's close to the bee hives. In fact right under them. I can't let the ants continue to attempt to control the bee yard, but I certainly don't want the bees injured.

Is there a way I can safely deploy defenses against ants with minimal chance of harming the bees?

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