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How do you crush less bees?

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How do you crush less bees?

Hi everyone, first year beekeeper here. I have this problem where when I lift the cover off my hive the bees LOVE to congregate on top of the wall facing the sun. Which is great because it makes it easier to check the frames, but the problem is when I go to put the top back on they don't move no matter what I do.

I have lowered the top on as slowly as I possibly can, they don't move

I have used the smoker to blow smoke & heat and push them off it, it works for like 1 second and then they land back on it.

I have used my comb tool to brush them off of it, again, they land back on it within a second.

The only thing I've been able to do that keeps them off for more than a second is run my hand over the top & giving them something else to focus on by pissing them off. Which isn't ideal obviously.

So I turn to you, how do you crush less bees when putting the top back on?

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