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How do we know if a swarm has moved in and isn’t just robbing?

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How do we know if a swarm has moved in and isn’t just robbing?

Our hive swarmed last fall, which just broke my heart. We were newbies and didn't take care of them just right. When it got so deadly cold last winter, I figured they wouldn't survive no matter where they'd gone.

This spring, we started seeing bees around that sure looked like our hive that swarmed (darker Italian queen). We had left the hive as-is with some cleaning out, but honestly, I didn't think we'd get a swarm this spring. It's not like we did anything to attract one.

Today, while out in the garden, I heard louder buzzing, and when I looked, there sure are a lot of bees going in and out of the hive. There's a pile of reddish stuff in front of the hive and to the right a bit that wasn't there a few days ago, and I saw a bee carrying another bee and then drop to the ground a ways in front of the hive.

How do we know if they're there to stay vs just robbing the place?

How long do we wait before doing an inspection and mite treatment?

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