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How do I relocate my two colonies?

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How do I relocate my two colonies?

I have three hives total and two are in a thicket of tall grass where ticks are rampant. The grass grows back so quick and thick that it's hard to get through and ticks freak me out even in the full suit getup. I didn't realize how overgrown the area gets as this is my first summer having bees and an apiary. My third hive is closer to my house and I am happy where it is and the bees have great water sources and pollination opportunities in both places but the ticks are much less of a problem in this second apiary. I'd like to move the other two hives into the same place as this third one but they are two roads and two neighborhoods away. I know that I can move them a few feet every few days until I get them where I want them but the roads and the properties between make that difficult. Are there other alternatives I can explore? I was told I could also drive them a few miles away to a different spot and leave them for two weeks then pick them back up and place them where the third hive is but I wanted to know if there is another way.

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