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How do I give a queen’s attendants in this shipping box sugar/water?

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How do I give a queen’s attendants in this shipping box sugar/water?

The short version is I had a queen delivered in this box and don’t know how to care for her and her attendants until I put her in the hive.


The long version is I thought a hive of mine was queenless on inspection Sunday. No eggs, larva, or capped brood. No drones in any of the hives so I didn’t think they could make a new one with eggs. Hive is still strong though. I found a supplier who still had VSH queens for sale, which I’ve wanted to introduce into my apiary anyway. Queen was delivered Wednesday. See link for shipping box.

Wednesday I get in planning to place the new queen in the hive, but I notice eggs on the frame I chose. Eggs are one per cell centered in the bottom. I look more closely and there is a very small amount of scattered brood. Less than half a frame each of eggs, larva, and capped brood. I must not have looked at the right frames last inspection. I try to find the queen, but no luck in the 3 medium boxes with plenty of bees. I have to stop and get back to work.

I found the old queen and removed her today. I’d like the new genetics and all 5 other hives are still laying brood, just not at spring pace. I’ll install the new queen tomorrow. The attendants, all 25 or so, are looking awfully lethargic in the shipping box. Queen is still moving around though. I squirted a few drops each of water and honey. Is there anything else I should do? It appears the queen is alone in the cage with attendants in the shipping box, so I can’t open it.

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