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How bad does swarming hurt honey production?

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How bad does swarming hurt honey production?

Long story short, I had a hive boiling with bees going into spring. I predicted they would swarm and when the time was right I split them. The split did great. So great that it swarmed too and unfortunately swarmed on a week I was out of town so I couldn't stop or catch them. So as of right now the Hive #1 new queen has been laying about a month. Hive #2 new queen is still in her cell and so I'm looking at probably three or four weeks before laying if everything goes well.

Both hives are packed with honey and I have supers on. The super frames are not drawn and the bees seem stubborn to not draw it. Our peak honey flow is winding down in a week or so. I'm wondering if the problem was they just don't like the undrawn super frames? Or because of the swarming they don't have enough bees that they feel like they need to go up there?

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