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Horizontal Langstroth

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Horizontal Langstroth

Could you make a horizontal Langstroth by just cutting 2 already existing Langstroth boxes into C shapes? Like keeping 3 sides, sawing off one, and sawing off the corresponding side on a second box and just putting them up against each other? Like this: [ ] (if that makes sense)

Of course, I’d make some entrance holes, a roof and a bottom + a stand.

Would 20 frames be adequate for a horizontal hive? Or would you make some sort of modular/expansion plan?

I’m thinking of going horizontal Lang vs horizontal warre/top because of all the built deep comb I have and the spare boxes I have. Plus the $300 I’d shell out for a horizontal warre/too could be used for quality materials or even a nuc to actually put in the hive.

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