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Honeybees attracted by wax moth odour

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Honeybees attracted by wax moth odour

One guy in youtube comment told me that there's a German paper describing how wax moth odour attracts honeybees and they use wax moth larvae in a perforated box so that moths cannot actually come out of the box and go into swarm trap, they then put this box in a swarm trap. And this works as a powerful attractant for bees to pick this box as swarm trap.

The idea is that bees and wax moth have a symbiotic relationship where wax moth cleans up the combs that can bees used over and over having significant parasitic load. So this ensures healthy bee colony.

I googled but couldn't find this specific paper, not sure where this research or experiment is being posted. I can't write or read German so I am not having any luck.

I asked him to link the paper but he said he read it long time ago and unable to find it anymore. But he been using wax moths to lure swarm trap for several years now.

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