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Honey bee nest removal in a commercial building.

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Honey bee nest removal in a commercial building.

A job I’m on has a honey bee nest inside of prefaced cinderblock wall thats along an i beam, how should i go about removing the nest and putting it into a hive?

Its 30 feet in the air which is not a problem as i already have a boom lift on site, its on a corner and the one side is where the block has cracks and is the nest entrance, the other side of the corner is a mortar cap to an i beam (not sure why the i beams went all the way thru) so i assume the hive runs along the beam.

Im thinking if i cut into the mortar with an angle grinder and use a pry bar and a mallet to free the blocks, im concerned the actual hive may be deeper inside the structure and would thus require the landlords permission to do anything further but at that point he may just use pest control as suppose to letting me attempt removal.
The plan is to remove the comb one by one and put them into frames and to find the queen to lure the bees out assuming i have access.

Thoughts? They must be very friendly too as between pressure washing and painting the side without the entrance i did not get stung.

I am not a beekeeper but have been wanting too and researching for years (was gonna build hives during covid but lumber skyrocketed)

Between this and a hive in a large dead oak tree a neighbors going to cut down that has been swarming every year for years is how i plan to start.

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