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Honey Bee infestation?

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Honey Bee infestation?

Hi there! I’m not sure if this is the correct community to post this in but I need some help. I recently purchased a large (1900 sq ft) garage on the Florida panhandle and lately there have been an overwhelming amount of dead bees showing up night after night. I’m talking hundreds maybe thousands of dead bees all in little piles around the garage (I’ve attached a photo of what one of the piles looks like). I got a shop vac to clean most of those up thinking that would be the end of it, but it’s been weeks now and there are still small amounts I have to sweep up every morning (red dust pan photo). Every now and then I will notice some live ones in the garage, but they are slow moving/not flying and seem to be on the brink of death.

I’m not sure where they are coming from or what I can do to solve this problem so I was hoping someone here might have some answers.


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