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Honey and wax yields per hive?

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Honey and wax yields per hive?

I've always been vaguely interested in beekeeping as a hobby and now that I have access to a few acres of land that hobby may become a reality. And with that comes a supply of honey and wax. So now I can also get into mead making and making beeswax candles and soaps.

My question is how much honey and wax does an average hive yield and how often will I be able to harvest them? For instance I've heard that about two pounds of honey is used to make about five gallons of mead. But two pounds sounds like it would take several hives to produce. I imagine hives produce far less wax then honey. If I was eventually looking to sell honey, candles, and soaps and stuff at farmer's markets how many hives do you think I would need to make that worthwhile?

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