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Hives are full!!! Time for a honey super?

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Hives are full!!! Time for a honey super?

I just started both hives this spring and never dreamed they would grow so quickly.

I just did an inspection and my hives are full. Alot of honey stored (maybe too much). I was all ready to do a quick strip treatment so I put them on but sort of regretting it now. I know its probably early to do a treatment but I wanted to be safe then sorry and keep them strong getting ready for winter. (My testing could have went either way)

No queen cells or even cups formed in either hive so I don't think they are going to swarm.

Do I put on a super with the treatment? Finish the treatment (3weeks) then put on super? Cut the treatment back to 2 weeks then put on a super?

Any advice?

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