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Hive turned aggressive

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Hive turned aggressive

TLDR: bees are angry now that I have two boxes, any reason?

New to this whole thing and kind of confused. I got two Nucs the week before Easter, installed into 8-frame mediums(5 drawn and 3 foundation each) and have kept an eye on them since. The First two inspections were quick and easy with just the single box to worry about, nothing major and I was able to go without gloves. Added the second brood box, rearranged frames to bait them up, and left them for 10 days with sugar syrup. Next inspection I got stung so much I had to put gloves on to finish. Every inspection, or syrup check, since I’ve had to suit up entirely, which makes working the frames harder due to the gloves. Today they were fine for the top box, until I checked the bottom box, at which point I got swarmed to the point of having to leave. Any ideas why the change with a second box?


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