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Hive transfer plan, will this work?

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Hive transfer plan, will this work?

I installed some packages 2 weeks ago and have some nucs coming in soon too. Italian bees NY state. For equipment distribution purposes I want to move one of my 2 week old packages into different hive bodies and wanted to check if the methods I have in mind should work. RN this colony is in 2 medium depth 10 frame bodies. 2 frame slots are taken by a frame feeder so 18 medium frames, 5 with old comb, and they've started drawing on most of the others. I want to move them into an 8 frame hive which I have 2 deep and 2 medium bodies for. My plan is to put a deep frame feeder and 6 new deep frames with foundation into the 8 frame deep hive body. Then put on a medium body, add 8 frames from the original colony. Put on a second medium body with 8 more, and clear the bees off of the remaining 2 frames to save for another colony. The bees drawn out the deep frames I'd add another deep body under the first and use a queen excluder to make sure the brood ball moves down into the deeps.

Thank you for reading my wall of text. Please tell me what could go terribly wrong if I do this.

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