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Hive Top Feeders

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Hive Top Feeders

Question, I'm a 1st year bee keeper, and I'm feeding my bees with hive top feeders. A few weeks ago I caught my 1st swarm, as I trying to build them up for winter after two weeks I placed a hive top feeder on the swarm Hive on Saturday, with a plan to check it the next Saturday, but my wife went into labor with our final brood, and the weather wasn't where I could check it until that Tuesday, so 10 days after I installed the hive top feeder, all but maybe 50 of my 1st swarm lay drown in my hive top feeder. I had a queen excluder on the hive, but I just can's figure out what happen, any ideas? My Bee Mentor doesn't use hive top feeders…Thank you in advance.

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