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Hive Starved.. Can I Save the Survivors?

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Hive Starved.. Can I Save the Survivors?

Hi folks- I'm in CT. I have a hive that's starving.

It's 60 degrees+ today. My hive was quiet so I opened it up to check if they needed more food. They are all either dead or extremely sluggish. I inspected both deeps and all of the comb is empty. No honey at all. Two weeks ago on the first warm day I added two Bee Pro patties to the top deep. They seem to have eaten a bit of it, but most is left. Is there anything I can do to save the remaining sluggish bees?

This hive was established from a nuc last spring. They quickly grew into two deeps. We did not harvest honey from them last season. I have a smaller 1-deep hive next to them that appears to be in better condition even though the appear to have been weaker last year. I can see them actively eating the patties I put in 2 weeks ago.

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