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Hive size for going into winter

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Hive size for going into winter

What are everyone's thoughts/preferences on hive size/configuration going into winter. I reside in Georgia and we normally have mild winters down here. This is my first year keeping bees. Currently I have two deeps however I'm thinking about reducing it down to just one deep here in next week or so and leave it that way to go through winter. Here is my current configuration and reasons why I am thinking of reducing:

Lower brood box/deep: 8 full frames of capped honey, 2 full frames of capped brood (honey on perimeter and pollen) (Entire lower brood box for all purposes of a 10 frame box is fully stacked).

Upper brood box/deep: 2 full frames of honey, 3 frames 50/50 capped honey or empty unfilled cells, 2 frames barely started with some wax and nectar but lots of undrawn foundation, 3 wax frames completely empty and undrawn (my biggest concern).

Since that upper box is so unfinished this late in season and I would argue as being only 50% filled, Isn't it just wasted space for the bees to have to defend or try to insulate during the winter? Shouldn't I just reduce to one box because of all of the empty space and just harvest that extra capped honey? Only thing I will say with lower box is there isn't a lot of space on those frames for bees to do anything else. Not much extra room for queen to lay eggs.

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