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Hive Really Wants to Swarm

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Hive Really Wants to Swarm

I'm coming into my second year of beekeeping, so my first spring, and live in northern Virginia. One of my hives (an overwintered nuc installed last May) is showing all signs of wanting to swarm. I saw multiple swarm cells with eggs, fewer new eggs in the brood nest (especially compared to her sister hive), more drone cells (again compared to her sister hive), and a lot of pollen placed in the brood nest. Based on my reading, I am past just destroying queen cells and calling it a day and need to take action. Based on my reading and pre-existing knowledge it appears I have three options:

  1. Split – Seems like the easiest way, but I would have to purchase a new queen and the bodies for a new hive (something that I haven't accounted for).

  2. Split, but merge with my recently installed package – I have a package that was installed mid-March and is doing fine. I assume I could do a split and combine with my new hive. This seems like the cheapest option, but I'm somewhat concerned about "overloading" the new hive. I don't know why, I'm not sure that is a thing.

  3. The Demaree Method – This seems like the answer, but I'm confused. Every description appears to be slightly different and I haven't been able to find a good YouTube video. Also, I don't have a stockpile of drawn out comb just sitting around, which seems to be needed. But again, confusion has set in.

Any advice would be welcome, is there something that I have missed. I have already flipped my two brood chambers (did so a couple of weeks ago as my bottom box was empty and my queen was laying in the top box) and I have a honey super on, which the hive has started drawing on the foundation.

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