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Hive Placement: possible in backyard with younger children?

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Hive Placement: possible in backyard with younger children?

Hi All,

Doing my homework to possibly start beekeeping next year and have yet to determine if there is an appropriate spot in my yard to place a hive.

I won't bore you with the details but my most likely spot is inside an enclosure I use for my tortoises in the warmer months. Of main concern is proximity to a garage entrance, fence gate, and play equipment (~15ft from entrance and gate and 20ft+ from play equipment.).

Most other spots in my yard have similar proximity issues, and city code specifies hives must be 10 ft from property lines and not in front yards.

Is this enough space for everyone to coexist? Would it help to add a barrier to alter or raise the flight path?
As mentioned I have young children, but they understand how to respect insects and could likely keep a reasonable distance to minimize stings.

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