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Hive placement: How bad is shade?

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Hive placement: How bad is shade?

Newbie here. I am placing 4 Warre hives on my property and am trying to balance two things:

  1. How much sunlight is actually needed


2) Is a flight barrier important? Beekeeping: A Seasonal Guide dwells on this significantly in the hive placement discussions but I have very few areas that provide natural blockage and are not in the shade..

So, how bad is the shade for hives in mild climates? Should I push hard to get them into dappled sunshine that has barriers in front of the hive to encourage flight path? Trying to minimize leveling my hillside or creating new plantings just for this. Would like to work with what I have as much as possible.

I am in the SF Bay Area (East Bay). Here is the temp profile for my town:


Here are some photos of my current thinking.




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