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Hive isn’t making sense…

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Hive isn’t making sense…

So I have a hive that was a split. This hive has been queenless about 4-5 weeks from a split. Roughly 2 weeks ago I did a fresh egg frame swap from another hive to see if they were queenless. They made about 15 queen cells on 1 frame of fresh eggs. Since this indicates no queen, I bought a queen last Sunday. I introduced her in a queen cage on Sunday AM of last week. They seemed fine with her in the cage so I left her in the cage and pulled the cork so they could release her. On Tuesday of last week so about 5PM (about 2.5 days later) she was almost out, they had a little hole but wasn’t quite big enough so I went ahead and released her. I watched her walk around on top of frame for about 20 seconds and then went down frame. She seemed fine and they didn’t jump her or anything so I assumed she was fine.

Today I went out there to check and fully expected to see a bunch of freshly laid eggs and some larva. Well I didn’t. I saw a single almost capped queen cell and basically no other eggs or larva. I did not see her either. She is marked.

Only thing I can figure is I missed her and I missed eggs larva and she hasn’t really started laying yet.

The confusing part is the queen cell (it had something in it). Obviously she would have had to lay that right? It makes no sense they would have killed her. there was brand new workers hatching this week as well so i would have assumed she would have support as well?

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