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Hive collapsing

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Hive collapsing

I have 2 hives, one has always been a littleweaker. The queen was not doing great and the colony replaced her. The new queen was laying eggs and doing ok.. ok not great compared to my other colony..

At end of summer I noticed mites on a handful of bees. I treated using apigaurd starting around early October. Seemed to be doing a good job, I've inspected the stronger colony and they are doing great.

The weaker colony has struggled. 1st it seemed all the brood that was there died due to defects caused by the mites. Population has been dropping steady I estimate only a few hundred bees are left.. I chose not to combine hives for fear of introducing more mites to the stronger colony.

Question, is there a way to tell if any of the honey is contaminated with apigaurd? I only had a frame or 2 of capped honey. But since here in Northern California I suspect the bees could have been still producing honey into Oct.

Should I just save the capped honey and add to stronger colony?


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