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Hive cleaning questions (2nd attempt)

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Hive cleaning questions (2nd attempt)

Hello, everyone! 100% newbeek here. (previous post removed as spam, trying with a new picture URL.)

I've been interested in getting into bees for a long time, and was recently gifted some old hives by an acquaintance who was moving out of state.

I've been setting up a space, reading everything I can get my hands on, etc. I'm planning to pick up a NUC from a local apiary next week, but have a question about some of the frames I was given. Many of them were previously used, and look a bit, hmm, grungy?

My question is, should I use a pressure washer to clean off these frames before putting them to use? Or should I leave them as is, so the bees have a jump-start? Some of the frames even have honey on one side, though none of them are 100% full.

We had a significant freeze recently, so all frames were in near sub-0 temps for 3 days, so I would not expect them to have any pests.

If I should clean them, would doing so near the hive provide the bees with material they might collect in use in some manner, or would they not utilize the material?

Sample pictures of a few of the frames in question: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPXDvIEE3HoixLgd0qwIrKyMKs_mC_hINFGfxX2d_O7aKYz1QzAKc_oDEM2q1bVLw?key=dllNRUF1OEMtakN1d1pCZ2hIM1BTQjVpV0t4U2ZB

(Location, MT, if that matters)

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