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Hive Beetle Spoiled Honey

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Hive Beetle Spoiled Honey

What does honey taste like when it has been spoiled by SHBs? I pulled supers off of a couple hives because I was worried about beetles, since another was slimed out a couple weeks ago. It smells normal, and the comb smells normal, but the extracted honey is really dark and not as sweet as what I pulled in May. It’s not bitter or tart, but it’s not sweet at first, though it has the normal aftertaste. Some of the frames had sections of darker capped honey, which I didn’t think anything about, because it was along edges, like they had emoted cells and refilled. Maybe a different nectar, less moisture? The volume that I extracted from 24 frames was at least a gallon less than my previous six gallons for 19 frames.

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