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Hive beetle prevention idea. thoughts?

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Hive beetle prevention idea. thoughts?

Keep in mind I'd like to stay as natural as I can and try not to use chemicals in my hive. I'm in Middle Tennessee.

I had a hive taken out by hive beetles a while ago, and I detest these creatures. My whole lot is very shaded and I had the hive in a location where most of the sun would hit it directly was only a couple of hours in the evenings. For beetle prevention I tried the slim cd case with the sides knocked out (luring with some with honey/pollen). I was able to just squish them with my thumb.

This time, I'm going to do some things differently. There is a much better place in the front yard that gets much better direct sunlight for most of the day, so planning to move the hive up there this time.

Now for the question. Do think that putting the hive on top of some pavers (and landscape fabric for tar paper underneath in a few layers) would help mitigate the beetle situation? I'm also not above putting roach killer in the CD's this time and kill them before they get a chance to reproduce.

Would it be better to just kill the grass under the hive, or have the fabric and pavers?

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