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High SHB counts with a freeman trap on

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High SHB counts with a freeman trap on

Feeling a little discouraged. We installed a Freeman trap under the bottom brood box of our Langstroh hive (2 deep brood boxes, the super just got removed bc they never drew comb on it but it’s our first year). Installed the Freeman trap on August 1. Dish soap and water worked for a bit and we found dead beetles, but didn’t like having to refill it regularly bc the soap dissipates. Replaced it with used cooking oil end of August. Did a full hive inspection, first since August 1, and there are dozens of SHB throughout the empty deep we use as a top feeder, the super, and the two deep brood boxes. Every time I check the trap there are like 5 new SHB. Going to try mineral oil next but is there something we are missing for SHB treatment?

Also important to say, had an upper entrance for the top feeder box for about a month until a couple days ago.

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