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Help with tons of honey?

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Help with tons of honey?

I usually leave my bees to themselves but I knew I was overdue to harvest honey. I have a top bar hive. When I opened it there was about 4 inches on liquid honey along the entire bottom with hundreds of bees mixed into the "soup". I took out about 1/3rd of the combs and scooped that side clean.

More info. I don't like the top bar hive, the combs don't attach properly to the cross bars and the combs seem to be just free floating in the soup of honey. The top bar has two sides that can be accessed by the bees but they for some reason are "over crowding" one side and not accessing the other at all.

Looking for any advice on why there was soooo much liquid honey and what the best way to take it out is without disrupting all of the combs.

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