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Help with New Hive in Summit County Colorado?

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Help with New Hive in Summit County Colorado?

3 years ago I got package bees and put them in a top bar hive in May. They did well the first summer and I got worried about them freezing so loosely lined the hive with blue construction foam insulation. 7 months later removed the insulation and the bees were alive and well. Their population exploded over the next few months and they began bearding. Inspection revealed they were way overpopulated. Moved a bunch of them out to two more hives with new queens. When winter arrived late October more construction foam and a bit better insulation. Opened hive on late April and found a dead hive, probably locked in the humidity(guess). Harvested lots of honey from the dead hive.

This year I am thinking of getting a Langstroth hive. Read somewhere there is a section you can put in the Langstroth to heat and keep the bees alive in cold weather. We are at 8000'asl and have winter from late October to mid April including 1-2 weeks of negative 20-30° Fahrenheit.

I am really open to any suggestions to keep the Hive Alive!


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