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Help with Bee behaviour!

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Help with Bee behaviour!

Apologies if this not the correct forum, but I can't find any info about my issue online, and who better to ask about bee behaviour than bee keepers!

Located in Johannesburg, South Africa, not sure what type of bees they are (I assume they're normal Joburg honey bees).

It's currently the summer here, so I have all my doors and windows open during the day and night (including a large sliding windown in my bathroom).

For the past several nights I've found dead/very lethargic bees in my bathroom only. I don't find them anywhere else in the house.

They are always on the tiled floor. When I thought one was trapped and tired, I tried to help it outside with a sheet of paper and it flew away happily.

I've noticed that if I give them just water they begin to be more active. This evening, one was slowly dragging itself towards a droplet of water after my shower.

There is no evident bee activity around my house (it actually seems oddly quiet, so no hives likely nearby).

I need to figure out how to prevent them getting into my house because:

1 – a lot of them keep dying in there, and I wonder whether that's because they're stuck in the house 2 – I have curious dogs that will eat them off the floor 3 – I've almost trodden on a couple and I'm allergic to bees

Any assistance would be appreciated!

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