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Help, Midwest first year bee hive swarmed. (I’m pretty sure)

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Help, Midwest first year bee hive swarmed. (I’m pretty sure)

To preface I am a first year bee “haver” at this point. I got a package off bees back in may (wish I would of got a NUC). I did the hero’s to hives program through MSU. I’ve tried to learn a lot and as much as I can. Also just started attending some bee groups and making some beekeeping friends.

I was treating for mites and doing more checks regularly. 2 weeks ago I went to do a sugar roll on my hive, noticed they were acting “lethargic” but I checked to see if I was queen right and indeed I had newly laid larvae so I didn’t dig too much into the hive. I did my sugar roll, found 4 mites and closed up the hive. Today I checked my bees and half of them were gone, 4 queen cells and absolutely no brood. One queen cell hatched. At the time 2 weeks ago my 10 frame hive just about had 7 frames filled.

I was going today to do another mite check and or treat accordingly/ put a super on. It seems as though my hive has swarmed (at least I’m pretty sure they did) Now I’m in the Midwest, I’m at the point where I don’t think my hive is going to survive through winter because of the now small numbers. What should I do at this point?

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