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Help me buy a gift for a beekeeper.

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Help me buy a gift for a beekeeper.

Hopefully this is ok for this sub.

My mother in law is an amateur beekeeper. It's her main hobby since retiring, she has 5 or 6 hives in her garden, has been keeping bees for a few years now and has recently had some of her honey stocked in a local shop.

Her three daughters take no interest in her hobby, but she really likes that me and one of her other sons in law both find it really interesting.

I have drawn her in this year's secret Santa and I know she loves getting 'bee stuff' so I wondered if there are any really great books, gadgets, equipment etc that could be cool to get her. I could just get her vouchers for her favourite online bee store, but it would be nice to pick something out for her.

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