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Help for "intermediate/beginner" beek

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Help for "intermediate/beginner" beek

I have been beekeeping for two years but sadly I'm not very advanced like I should be at 2 years. I had a mentor for those two years and while he was great at teaching me the fundamentals of examining frames, handling bees, all the mechanical things I never developed any sense of decision making.

For instance I don't know when to do things. I don't know what to look for when they are drawing out comb to know when to put a new box on top. Or when to do a split. Or even when and how much honey to pull. I know this is the "art" portion of beekeeping but I really want to find something that will give me some sort of guideline. I can use trial and error from there but it's too daunting without some sort of roadmap for the decision making part of beekeeping.

Any book or course? I've heard good things about David Burns

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