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Help for bee I rescued from cold stadium!

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Help for bee I rescued from cold stadium!

So during a cold (50s F dropping to 40s overnight) baseball game, I saw a bee struggling. I dripped a little water on the ground near it as that was all I could do to help, other than keeping it from getting stomped. Strangely it ended up crawling (very tiredly) up my shoe and jeans. It stayed in one place for the rest of the game (approx 2 hours.) I smuggled it out in a water bottle, only because it was definitely going to get trampled. Now I find myself at home with no sugar or honey. The only thing I have that was listed is mini marshmallows, which I then searched and found something maybe promising there? I’m sure this is all futile because the most I can do anyway is release it outside tomorrow near flowers they like, 20 miles from that stadium. But I’d like to do my best anyway. Thank you in advance for your patience in reading, any help, and taking this to heart. (Sorry the post was so long, but I wanted to explain my decision.)

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