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Help! First time with broken TBH comb!

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Help! First time with broken TBH comb!

Hey all.

No need to get into specific details as I now know what I did wrong, but suffice it to say that the vast majority (minus the top inch and a half or two of honeycomb) broke off one of my top cars. The rest of it was generally brood comb and fell onto the ground rather than into the hive. Thankfully the queen does not appear to have been involved but at this point I have no idea what to do to fix/clean this up.

I know that it's possible to reattach the comb, but as a first year beekeeper, I'm not sure if it's best to do that or just let the comb go since it's so late in the season and mostly brood. I have no idea of whether or not the bees can use the honey or bee bread that still remains in the broken comb if I were to put it in the back of the hive for them. I obviously don't want it to go to waste if they can use it, especially this late in the season. I don't know whether I should leave the top bar with the tiny bit of remaining comb in the hive or remove the whole bar. I'm panicking slightly because my usual mentor is unavailable to talk and I want to get things patched up as soon as quickly/don't want to start attracting lots of robbers.

Any advice here? Thanks in advance!

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