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Help! Bees dying in my yard and inside my home!

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Help! Bees dying in my yard and inside my home!

I live in the suburbs of Northern California, and tons of bees are dying all around my house. Each morning I step out to 10-20 bees dead on my front porch, and find them scattered all over my yard. I also find at least two bees per day hanging around my kitchen or living room. The bees that come inside are usually really active, but I find lots of tired bees outside too. All seem to be standard honey bees, but I have some photos I can link if that would be helpful at all.

I keep fresh fruit and a small hydroponic system in the kitchen, but have moved those farther from the windows each day in case the bees were coming in to visit them. My garden is full of fruit trees, flowers, and native plants, but most aren’t blooming right now. I make sure the porch light is off before sunset, but there are lots of smaller lights all over the yard that do stay on until 10:30 PM. There are lots of hummingbirds nearby and the occasional yellowjacket.

When I find a tired or dead bee I put her on a wee plate with some sugar water in hopes that she just needs a boost of energy to get home. Is there anything else I can do to keep bees from dying at my house? TIA!

Edit: Here is a link to 5 photos of the bees. First one is a live on I caught inside my home and then released, the last 4 are of dead bees on my porch this morning.

Edit 2: I last gently removed the remaining bees from my porch 1 hour ago (2:30 PM), and just stepped outside to 3 more dead bees. I know 80% of the bees are dying at night since I remove dead bees before going to bed and wake to 10-20 bees in the morning, but hadn't realized so many were dying during the day too.

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