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Hello everyone! I need some help with my silly bees

We are grateful you are here

Hello everyone! I need some help with my silly bees

So, basically I was away from them for a couple of weeks because I was out of my country, another person was there for them but here summer has ended and they were preparing for winter so he had only to apply some treatment, I told him that inspection was not really necessary. And I really thought so! Then the other day when I returned I went to see the bees and I found a lot of queen cells hatched. They were in the middle of frames and they aren’t lesser so my thought was that for some reason their queen died and they made another one. Now my problem is that I haven’t see a drone in a long time by now (even before I was away) so I can only think that they kicked them out already. I have more than one hive and I haven’t seen any drones. Can my hive survive the winter even if the queen will remain a virgin one? Will the bees accept a virgin queen for the winter or it’s better that I’ll try founding a new queen? (Buy her, but I don’t know if someone can a have a spare queen rn..)

Thanks to everyone that will answer me! I hope I explained myself but if not question me and I will try to be more clear

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